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It takes an army of volunteers to put on a marathon, consider helping out! We are using SignUp.com to list all volunteer positions.

We are putting together a Volunteer database early! If you would like to volunteer for the marathon please let us know! Email Dwayne & Dana DeBardelaben at rocketcitymarathon@gmail.com


Phone: 256-226-3556 (Dwayne); 256-714-2681 (Dana)
e-mail: rocketcitymarathon@gmail.com

Email form and submit questions to the Race Directors:
Dwayne & Dana DeBardelaben – rocketcitymarathon@gmail.com

Kids Marathon Volunteer Opportunities

We’re using SignUp.com to organize our upcoming signups.
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Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
1) Click this link to see our Sign-Up on VolunteerSpot: http://signup.com/go/QcDAbfO
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It’s Easy – you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.com.
Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities please contact lisamquinlan19@gmail.com or call 256-650-7063.