2010 Rocket City Marathon Official Results

Note: Results corrected on January 5 after review of photographs of finishers. Times are given in "Tag Time" and "Gun Time."  Awards were made on "Gun Time."

Final posting on January 5, 2011

1-39 Age 

40-99 Age


    The results file below gives complete detail results including your Gun Time (the time used for awards), your first and second Half Marathon Times, the time it took you to cross the start mat after the start gun fired (rounded up to the whole second), and your Tag Time (your elapsed time for the marathon after you crossed the start mat. Your Tag Time can be used for purposes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. These Tag Times, along with your Gun Time, will be sent to the Boston Marathon Association.
    If you look at the bottom of this file you will find some runners who started the race but did not reach the half marathon and others who only recorded a half marathon split.

Official Detail Results (Posted Jan. 5, 2011)