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RACE INSTRUCTIONS: Final race instruction will be included in your race packet.

Notice: Due to insurance purposes, unregistered runners, unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, strollers, baby joggers and other wheeled devices, animals, and the wearing of headphones are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the race.

ChronoTrack (B Tag) Timing: Each runners time will be scored by ChronoTrack timing. You must wear your timing
tag (B tag) attached to the back of your race number as indicated. Instructions will be in your race packet.

Xact Athlete Tracking: Track the progress of your family member or friend on race day, Track Athlete Here with XACT
Website: http://results.xacte.com/track?id=1944

6 Hour Time Limit: The Rocket City Marathon will record and publish times up to 6 hours and 5 minutes. After that time no runner will be counted as an official finisher of the race and the finish line timing equipment will be removed. In keeping with this time limit and to ensure the safety of runners, anyone slower than this pace at the following intermediate points of the race will be offered a return ride to the VBC (the race start point). Those refusing the return ride will be asked to return their race number and sign a liability release form before continuing. This Event Has a Strict 6 hour Time limit. You will be asked to leave the course if you are behind the cutoff pace (13:44 min/mile). Runners slower than 3:15 at the half way point will not be allowed to continue.

Split Times: Splits will be called at each mile, and there will be an overhead clock at the finish. Additional split times given at 10 kilometers, halfway (13.1 miles) and 1 mile to go (25.2 miles).

Pace Teams: See this link for details

Aid Stations: Fluid stations will be located along the course, including the Start/Finish lines. Aid stations will include water and sports drink. Distance between aid stations is between 2 and 3 miles and there will be numerous port-o-let locations on the course.

Sports Drink: Gatorade Endurance will be the sports drink on the marathon course.

Energy Gel: GU Energey Gel will be at locations on the marathon course.

Medical: Both medical support and radio communications will be provided to assure safety of the runners. A field hospital is set up inside the VBC for runners needing extra care after the race.

Spirit Team: Have your local group or organization come out and support the runners and have a chance to win $$ for cheering them on – more info

Spirit Team Registration Application

Spirit Team locations.

2016 RCM Spirit Team Winners:
1st- Panera Pounders
2nd – Cowbell Cheering Squad
3rd – Lee High School Cheerleaders
4th – FCA Endurance Athletes

Mile Sponsorship:

information and form

Confirmation: Entry confirmation is by email. Send SASE marked “Confirm” if special entry confirmation is desired.

Race Packets: Race packets will NOT BE MAILED. Packets may be picked up at the the VBC, Friday, 11am to 9 PM. Packets will contain your race instructions, official race number and Rocket City Marathon shirt.

Start: Race start is at 7:00 AM. Seeding is by best marathon time in last three years. Ten mile or half marathon times may be used if no recent marathons. A runner must not run with another runner’s number.
Do not exchange, sell, or give away your number. Your race number must
remain visible from the front during the race.

2015 Running Journal (1 of 1)Finish: A finish you won’t forget. Your name and hometown are announced at the finish. You’ll be met by two of our runner handlers who will greet and give you assistance until you are inside. The field hospital is right inside and the handlers will direct those needing medical attention to the medical area. After checking in to get your medallion, a post race snack will be ready and the computer-generated results are posted after each 50 finishers. Free showers are available at the Aquatic Center near the VBC at the starting line.

Huntsville Attractions: For those planning an extended stay or traveling with a spouse looking for other activities, there is plenty to do and see in Huntsville including the U.S. Space Center. The Von Braun Center, Big Spring Park, Constitution Hall Village, Huntsville Art Museum, Huntsville Depot Museum, Harrison Brothers 1879 Hardware Store and Twickenham Historic District are all within walking distance of the VBC.

Other Features: Pick-up vans with communications personnel will be provided on the course for those who can’t finish. There is excellent print, TV, and radio media support. Huntsville is noted for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and the many other unique attractions. The new Huntsville Art Museum is in Big Spring Park near the VBC. Small groups form for the free two or four mile “Historic Downtown Group Runs” which start between 3:30 and 4:30 PM Friday from the VBC. Join us for the Saturday night post-race meal and party. Bring your family and make it a fun weekend. To get information about Huntsville write to: Huntsville-Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Von Braun Center, 700 Monroe Street, Huntsville, AL 35801 www.huntsville.org/ (256) 551-2230.

Are you interested in getting more involved with the Rocket City Marathon?

Join your co-workers, family and friends and sponsor a mile at the Rocket City Marathon by making a $250 donation to a charity. If you are a charity you could earn $250. Click here to find out how!

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