Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the most frequently asked questions for the Rocket City Marathon. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us.

Can I run the marathon if I am under 18 years old?

Yes, However, we do require your parents permission.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

Yes, we now have a process that allows others to pick-up packets. If you can not make it to the Expo/Packet Pick-up during official hours a friend or family member my pick-up your packet as long as the attached card is completed.

Does the Marathon have pace groups?

Yes, This year we have pace teams. See this link for details

How do I get a refund if I cannot attend? Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

Our policy states that we do not offer refunds and your registration cannot be transferred to another runner. Because many of the items for our race are purchased long before the event day and are purchased based on early entry numbers, we cannot refund entry fees. Also, because we must know the identity of each person in our events in case of emergency we do not allow transfer of numbers. There is simply too much that a race director must do in the weeks and days just before a race to add the additional workload of transferring race entrant data. Your request might seem simple, but multiplied by the number of runners in the event this can quickly become unmanageable.

How do I know for sure if I am registered?

Go to our website at and click on
Entrant List here

Is this race a Boston Qualifier?

Yes, the 2015 Rocket City Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier for 2016.

What is NOT allowed on the course?

Baby joggers, headphones, in-line skates, bicycles, unauthorized vehicles and unregistered runners are prohibited on the course. No pets or smoking on the course PLEASE! Any participant breaking one of these rules will be removed from the course, disqualified and will not receive finisher’s amenities. These rules are due to our insurance policy and are set by the HTC Board of Directors and are for your safety and the safety of the hundreds of other runners on the course.

Where can we park for the races?

There is plenty of parking in downtown Huntsville. We will also have parking garage B open at no charge. The entrance to this garage is from Fountain Circle, just north of Williams St. It is about 2 blocks from the start line. See more info here